Real time data replication from any 
source to destination system

Build complex data pipelines and seamlessly sync data with our ETL and reverse ETL platform

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Reliable data pipelines with exactly once delivery

Monitor data movement across your entire platform

Comprehensive Error logs

Identifying and debug issues proactively with real time alerts ensuring robust system resilience.

Real Time Monitoring

Provide visibility into complete data pipeline activities, including extraction, loading, and transformation processes.

Automatic PII detection

Mask Personally Identifiable Information within data flows to ensure data privacy and compliance with regulations.

Ensure enterprise grade security and governance

Data encryption

Ensure end-to-end security through all stages of data movement from extraction through transformation.

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Secure Log-Ins

Authenticate users with robust security measures, ensuring a trusted user experience.

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Security certifications

Compliant with industry leading security and privacy standards.

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